What are the advantages of polymer lithium batteries?

 新闻资讯     |      2019-07-25

What is polymer lithium battery?
Polymer lithium batteries are also called polymer lithium batteries: compared with previous batteries, they are chemical batteries with high energy, miniaturization and lightweight. In shape, polymer lithium batteries have the characteristics of ultra-thin, which can be made into some shape and capacity batteries to meet the needs of some products. In terms of safety, the outer packaging is aluminium-plastic packaging, which is different from the metal shell of liquid lithium electricity. The internal quality hidden danger can be shown through the deformation of the outer packaging immediately. Once the security hidden danger occurs, it will not explode, but will only swell. The theoretical minimum thickness of this kind of battery can reach 0.5mm.
What are the advantages of polymer lithium batteries
1. There is no leakage problem in the battery. There is no liquid electrolyte in the battery and colloidal solids are used.
2. Thin batteries can be made: with a capacity of 3.6V 400mAh, the thickness can be as thin as 0.5mm.
3. Batteries can be designed in a variety of shapes
4. Battery flexibility: the maximum flexibility of polymer batteries is about 900
5. Can be made into a single high voltage: liquid electrolyte batteries can only be connected in series with several batteries to obtain high voltage, polymer batteries can be made into a multi-layer combination in a single to achieve high voltage because they have no liquid.
6. The capacity of lithium-ion batteries will be twice that of lithium-ion batteries of the same size.