Maintenance of Lithium Batteries for Electric Vehicles

 新闻资讯     |      2019-07-27
Electric vehicle is a green sunrise industry, which has been developing for decades in China. As the power source of electric vehicles, lithium batteries are popular with consumers because of their lightness, durability and high cycle times. Today, lithium batteries for electric vehicles are becoming more and more popular. The daily maintenance of lithium batteries for electric vehicles also affects the hearts of countless consumers. So what should be paid attention to in the maintenance of lithium batteries for electric vehicles?

1. When lithium-ion bicycles are first used, batteries must be deeply charged. The charger can stop charging after the green light is displayed. The time is generally controlled within (8-10) hours.

2. The battery should be recharged after each ride until the battery pack can not discharge electricity, but the recharge should be avoided by deep discharging (more than 90% of the capacity), which will damage the lithium battery.

3. When the under-voltage indicator light of lithium-ion bicycle is on at rest, it should be charged in time.

4. When starting, climbing or driving against the wind, pedals should be used to assist.

5. Because of the memory-free nature of lithium batteries, the batteries should be charged regularly every time or every day after cycling.

6. If the lithium-ion bicycle is placed for more than two months, a complete charge is needed for the battery pack; if the lithium-ion bicycle is placed for more than five months, a charge-discharge cycle is needed.

7. Master the correct charging mode. First connect the charger to the battery pack, then connect the power plug of the charger to 220V AC power supply. According to this connection order, sparks can be avoided when plugging the charging plug. When the power supply is switched on, the charger displays a red indicator.

8. To use special lithium charger (do not use lead-acid battery charger directly), it is necessary to match the lithium battery model completely. Overcurrent of charger will break down the protection system of lithium battery and cause short circuit, which will lead to safety accident of lithium battery. The charger voltage is too low, which makes the charging efficiency low and consumes too much time.

9. When lithium-ion bicycles are not in use, the power supply should be switched off in time or the battery pack should be pulled out from the battery seat and released separately. Because the motor and controller will still consume power in no-load state.

10. In order to ensure that the lithium battery pack is full, it should be charged at ambient temperature, so as to ensure that the charging effect of lithium battery is better.

11. Lithium batteries can enter dormancy under refrigeration conditions. However, after using lithium-ion bicycle in high temperature (such as summer), the unloaded battery pack can not be placed in the freezing room immediately, but in the shade, slowly cooling the lithium battery;

12. Because of the fine self-discharge of lithium batteries, it is necessary to supplement the power supply regularly to ensure that the voltage of the batteries remains stable.
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