Competitive Power 1: Unique Production Mode

Huanyuyuan science and technology learns to introduce the concept of fine management, pays attention to the detailed control of the production process, combines the cost advantages of China's human resources, uses fully automated production equipment in key production processes, and adopts a flexible production mode assisted by manual semi-automation, so as to meet the personalized needs of customers.

Competitiveness 2: Production of Automated Machines and Equipment

Competitive Power 3: Unique Production Mode

Competitiveness 4: Test Equipment

Competitive Power 5: Perfect Quality Management System

Competitive Power 6: Patent Certificate for Utility Model

Competitive Power 7: Research and Development
In terms of research and development, huanyuyuan science and technology co-operates with professional institutions at home and abroad, such as Wuhan university of technology, south China university of technology and south China university.
The research and development technical personnel have a reasonable composition, covering electrochemistry, materials, polymers, machinery and other specialties. At present, there are 12 people, including 1 doctor, 1 master, 3 undergraduate and 7 others.